Day 67 and Day 68

Started my vacation and missed a day, whoops! Happy Halloween!

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Day 67 and Day 68

I still watered everyone yesterday, but forgot to post anything. The feature image is a photo from yesterday but today's photo is below.

Comparing the two, you can see I adjusted the tie-downs on Laszlo to spread him out a bit more so when he starts growing upward more he isn't too crowded (he'll still be crowded... little guy's way too dense and has enormous leaves). I also tied down Nandor which is why his leaves haven't turned to face the light yet.

Nadja seems to be developing a light rash on the tips of some of her older leaves which I suspect might be caused by too much fertilizer. Growing all these different plants, it seems unlikely that I'll ever find a balance of fertilizer levels that makes every plant happy, and I'm not about to start separating out water so each plant gets different fertilizer amounts.

Day 67 Individual Plant Photos

Laszlo, day 67
Colin Robinson, day 67
Nandor, day 67
Nadja, day 67

Day 68 Individual Plant Photos

Laszlo, day 68
Colin Robinson, day 68
Nandor, day 68
Nadja, day 68

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