Day 65

Oops... might have injured one of Colin Robinson's stems...

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Day 65

I was admittedly a bit overzealous in wanting to finish tying down Laszlo and Colin Robinson this morning and, mistaking Colin's height for strength, accidentally broke one of Colin's younger stems a bit. It's still hanging on so I untied it and I'm hoping it self-corrects, but it may be a loss.

I didn't take a photo of the exact spot where I broke the stem, but I've digitally zoomed in and circled it above. As you can see, my ties are generally pretty loose and I'm typically quite gentle with the plants, but I made a mistake here.

Everyone else is fine and dandy. I haven't finished tying down Nandor as his stems are still too short and weak but I'll get there. Nadja is still looking the best out of all of them.

To refresh the memory of anyone still paying attention, here are the strains for each of my named plants:

Name Strain
Colin Robinson Blue Cheese OG (Hybrid of Blue Cheese and OG Kush)
Laszlo Bubba Kush
Nadja Blueberry Muffin
Nandor Pink Lemonade
Colin Robinson, day 65
Nandor, day 65
Laszlo, day 65
Nadja, day 65

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